Monday 09th September, 2019

The Countdown supermarket in central Oamaru has added a new weapon to its arsenal against seagulls nesting on the roof.

Along with spikes on the rooftop's perimeter and a light laser, the company is now releasing ozone gas to encourage the birds to go elsewhere.

Friday 30th August, 2019

If you want to take bags of compost, please pay for them.

That is the plea from the Oamaru Air Training Corps who have had enough of people stealing bags of compost from the squadron's honesty stall.

Tuesday 27th August, 2019

A Dunedin railway's locomotive travelled for the first time along the short line between Oamaru's Victorian Precinct and the Blue Penguin Colony.

The 140 people on board were there to experience Oamaru's most popular tourist attraction.

Organisers say the inaugural trip could pave the way for a growth of tourism in Oamaru.

Monday 26th August, 2019

When Weston School pupils realised how much plastic an Oamaru Restaurant accompanied with their lunches, they chose to take a stand.

Every Thursday, pupils have an option, to order lunch from a local Japanese restaurant, and they decided to ask for change.

Friday 23rd August, 2019

A controversial proposal for a floating hotel on Oamaru Harbour has been scuppered.

Last year, the community-owned Oamaru Licensing Trust unveiled a proposal for Oamaru's harbour which included the addition of a multimillion-dollar floating luxury hotel.

The licencing trust had earlier been approached by a developer, who planned to moor a three-level, twenty-five-room hotel near the waterfront.

Christchurch architects helped design concept plans for the hotel.

However, the licencing trust says the developer will no longer back the project.

Wednesday 24th July, 2019

Ranfurly Shield fever is well and truly alive in North Otago, as the small union prepares for its challenge against Otago on Friday.

The shield is being toured around schools across the district to help promote the game, which is expected to draw a strong crowd.

Monday 22nd July, 2019

About 800 birds were on show at the '135th Oamaru Poultry, Pigeon and Canary Society Show,' over the weekend.

Pigeons were banned, but Geese were added to the flock for the first time.

Thursday 18th July, 2019

Oamaru penguin experts say seeing little blue penguins waddling along the town's streets after dark is perfectly normal.

It follows concerns about the welfare of penguins living under a sushi stand in Wellington this week.

The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony says the birds have shown they can survive, and even thrive, in close proximity to humans.

Wednesday 05th June, 2019

One of Dunedin's best-known restauranteurs has now swapped his chef's hat for a business one.

Michael Coughlin has been spending the last few years promoting Provenance Meat, which encourages farming in an organically sensitive and sustainable way.

Thursday 16th May, 2019

Year nine pupils from East Otago High School have visited Oamaru as part of a term-long, multi-subject project on sustainability.

Their main port of call was the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park, looking for inspiration amongst the myriad of recycling materials.