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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Friday, October 13, 2017

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Women’s networking group, the Glass Elevator, got close and personal with four of Invercargill’s female councillors yesterday.

Dunedin's two-week long Heritage Festival wraps up over the coming long weekend.

The South Today takes a look at two of events in store for Labour Day.

Weather Forecast Thursday 19 October 2017

There appears to have been a reprieve for some of the Queenstown school bus services due to be cut by the Ministry of Education.

Hundreds of runners laced up their shoes to take part in the Port FM Lovelock Memorial Run in Timaru on Sunday.

An unnamed albatross is the last of celebrity albatross Toroa's brood of 23 babies at the Otago Peninsula Trust Colony to fledge this season.

A team of Invercargill filmmakers has made the grand final of the 48 Hour Film Competition.

Queenstown’s Remarkables Primary School students were busy planting 100 native trees earlier this morning with the support of the Wakatipu Reforestation trust and Project Crimson.

The 2017 World Jet Boat Marathon moved south from Canterbury to Otago today, with a day's racing on the Waitakai River.

The felling of a tree in Mosgiel has frustrated a woman on whose boundary the tree was growing.

The tree shared a boundary with a property developer who wanted the tree gone.

The Public Health Association doesn't believe Dunedin's new hospital will be a magic panacea.

The northern Catlins area is now home to a beautifully restored school bus.

However, the service offered by the bus these days is more aimed at adults.

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Greymouth children were given the chance to learn more about electronics during a holiday programme last week.

The America's Cup has been sailing around southern regions over the past few days.

Singer-songwriter, Grace Jones will perform her first-ever New Zealand show in Queenstown next year.

Queenstown’s Lady of the Lake, the TSS Earnslaw steamship is turning 105 tomorrow.

60-year-old Stephen Findlay, of Seacliff has been jailed for 11 years for the murder of his neighbour.

Iconic New Zealand confectionery lines jaffas and pineapple lumps are to be made in Australia.

Police have today released audio with Bill English in which he recalls a conversation with former MP Todd Barclay about secret recordings.

The Taxpayers' Union believes Otago residents deserve to know why former Chief Executive of Delta, Grady Cameron received a payout of nearly a million dollars.

Oamaru's Rainbow Confectionery has expressed disappointment at the decision by international giant Mondelez not to produce confectionery in this country.


  • Local ingenuity has helped resurrect a two thousand four hundred-year-old mummy.

    Real human hair, a new hairdo and a touch of make-up was employed, and the team behind the research for the facial reconstruction is also all local.

  • Dunedin's Heritage Festival is now in its second week with numerous events available to the public on a daily basis.

    Wednesday includes an evening lecture about Dunedin's architectural history.

  • Riders Against Teenage Suicide streamed into Dunedin on Saturday in support of the Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust.

  • Saturday saw young people from all over the South Island race their mountain bikes down Dunedin's Signal Hill.

  • Women considering pregnancy, who are pregnant, or are breastfeeding are recommended to take an iodine supplement each day containing 150mcg of this trace mineral.

    Lead researcher Andrew Reynolds, says he and colleagues asked women from all over the country to tell them what supplements they were taking, and when.

    The new study appearing in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

    Research has shown iodine is important for optimal foetal and infant brain development, including their IQ later in life.

  • Dunedin's weekend thunder and lightning didn't deter thousands of people from attending the annual Vogel St party.

    Numbers were slightly down on last year's crowd of 15,000.


  • Property values in Invercargill and Bluff have seen a moderate rise over the past three years, according to Quotable Value.

    While the overall valuation rise for the city sits at just over 18%, some areas have increased more than others.

  • Invercargill's librarians have made international headlines over the weekend.

    To mark the 10th anniversary of American television series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives staff posed for a tongue-in-cheek photo shoot.

  • A new raw milk business just north of Invercargill only officially opened three weeks ago.

    But already, the business is getting a shake-up thanks to 9 year old entrepreneur Charlie Johnson.

  • Southland businesses ventured into the world of speed-dating today.

    Encouraged by Venture Southland, tourism operators paired off for a few minutes with accommodation providers.

  • A photography exhibition in Invercargill is showcasing missed opportunities in the community.

    After some professional lessons, Aurora College pupils hit the streets to capture the empty spaces, bare alleyways and broken playgrounds for the Opportunities in our Community project.

  • Stay safe, stay informed... that’s the theme of this year’s Ministry of Civil Defence’s Get Ready Week.

    And during Get Ready Week, Emergency Management Southland is encouraging people to prepare for any possible emergency.


  • The median house price in Otago has reached a new high of $296,000.

    That's a $16,000 jump compared to this time last year.

    Prices are mostly up in rural areas but down in Dunedin, and overall sales volumes have fallen 7% in the last 12 months.

    Otago is one of six regions in the country to hit a new record high median sale price.

    Smaller increases are also being reported in Southland and the Queenstown Lakes area.

    There has been a large jump in sales volumes in Gore and commentators say demand from first home buyers remains solid.

  • Organisers of the iD Dunedin Fashion Week are looking at ways to cut costs after reporting an almost $55,000 loss.

    The society in charge of the annual fashion week just publicly confirmed the deficit.

    In the 2015 financial year it enjoyed a net profit of more than $120,000.

    But that's turned into a net loss of just under $55,000 following this year's event.

    Income dropped and expenditure increased for the society, disappointing members.

    They're blaming lower than expected ticket sales and are now looking at trimming costs and boosting sponsorship.

  • Otago is the second fastest growing region in the country in relation to tourism, according to the latest statistics.

    It's second only to the Nelson region, which has had 11.7% growth in tourism expenditure.

    The figure for Otago is 9.6%.

    That equates to $3.2b for the year to August.

    Wanaka led the country for individual towns and cities, experiencing a $16.3% increase.

    Dunedin's also had a winter tourism boom, thanks in part to a new promotion enticing Australians and New Zealanders to the city.

  • Port Otago has generated $7.3m for parent organisation the Otago Regional Council in the last financial year.

    The company's just publicly announced its latest annual performance, reporting a group profit of just over $34m.

    There has been an increase in export container volumes and higher valuations on investment properties.

    But the log industry has declined slightly, as have import container volumes and cruise ship numbers.

    Port Otago's well into its planned $45m infrastructure upgrade, spanning several years.

  • The latest stage of the Cromwell town centre redevelopment is beginning to take shape.

    Work on the Big Fruit Reserve started in July and is on schedule to be completed by November.

    And locals are hoping it'll entice passers-by to stop for more than just a photo opportunity.

  • A two-month Enterprise Dunedin campaign to entice people to the city is costing stakeholders almost $100,000.

    The city council's footing half the bill, with partner organisations covering the rest.

    Those involved say it's money well spent but the project is attracting scrutiny.

Local Sport

  • New Zealand Cricket and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association have agreed that women's cricketers will be paid more.

    A new three-year Memorandum of Understanding will see 15 of the country's best women cricketers offered annual retainers ranging in value from $20,000 to $34,000.

    Previously, only the top 10 players received contracts worth more than $10,000.

    The New Zealand Cricket Association says paying our best women's players more fits in well with the organisation's commitment towards inclusivity and diversity.

  • Despite a season-ending loss to the Lions at the weekend, the Highlanders are celebrating success, having 7 players selected in the latest All Blacks squad.

    All Blacks head coach Steve Hansen named his side for the upcoming rugby championship, with the now expected contingent of Highlanders making the cut.

    He says he and his fellow selectors are very happy with the squad and combinations they had come up with.

  • The Kia Toa Tigers have been crowned this year's Otago rugby league champions after defeating the East Coast Eagles.

    The side won 32 to 18 at Forsyth Barr Stadium taking home the coveted William Johnston Cup.

    And while there were a few stand-out players, the Tigers captain says it was very much a team effort.

  • All Blacks coach Steve Hansen will retain his position through to the next Rugby World Cup in 2019.

    His previous contract was set to expire next year following the British and Irish Lions three test tour.

    The 57 year old has been involved in the side's two back-to-back World Cup successes in the past eight years.

    And he's lost just three of 57 All Blacks tests as head coach.

  • After almost 20 years, Kaikorai is once again at the top of premier rugby.

    The side defeated Dunedin 29 points to 22 in Saturday's final at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

    And despite a slow start to the season, the winning captain couldn't be happier with how it's finished.

  • More than 100 children are participating in a football school holiday programme at the Edgar Centre.

    The importance of growing the sport at a grass-roots level is one of the main drivers behind the four day event.

    And although the football season's winding down, there's no let-up in local interest.