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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Thursday, August 9, 2018

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A museum dedicated to red deer is due to open near Wanaka Airport in a couple of weeks.

Queenstown's cat rescue charity is crying out for more feline foster homes, as it tries to find forever-homes for the nearly sixty cats already on its books.

A Dunedin game developer has launched a new family-friendly game called Colibrium, which differs from the usual shoot 'em up type.

The upcoming cruise ship season is predicted to be the biggest for Dunedin so far.

The city is set to host a hundred and nineteen cruise ships, up from eighty eight last season.

Protesters tried to storm the office of Dunedin businessman Murray Valentine today to voice their objections to a new dairy development in the Mackenzie Basin.


  • The tourist from Samoa was visiting family in Dunedin when he spotted two octopuses swimming along Andersons Bay Inlet.

    In the video posted to Facebook, he and his brother-in-law can be seen clapping above the waterline, a technique used to create vibrations and attract sea life to the surface.

    After a couple of minutes, a family member can be seen leaning into the water before plucking the octopus out with his bare hands.

    The video, which was posted on Monday, has had more than a hundred and thirty thousand views and four hundred and forty shares.

  • A plan to fund a major study into options for a performing arts venue in Dunedin has been given a welcome boost by Creative New Zealand.

    It'll provide a hundred and twenty thousand dollars towards a feasibility study, which will map the current state of venues and present options for a performing arts venue.

  • Dunedin has been announced as a finalist for Most Beautiful City in this year's Beautiful Awards.

    The city has been selected as a finalist for its achievements with the environment and sustainability.

    The award acknowledges the council's waste management, and the implementing of a recycling inspection programme.

    The initiative, provides feedback for residents via tags on rubbish bins, and has seen an improvement in recycling quality by over twenty five percent so far.

  • Primary and intermediate teachers throughout the south have marched in support of higher pay and better conditions as part of a nationwide strike today.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has criticised teachers for leaving the negotiating table too early.

    But today's strike may only be the start.

  • This year's International Film Festival includes a crowd-funded film which was recently shot in Central Otago.

    "Stray" is Dustin Fennely's first film and he says the beautiful, yet brooding landscapes of the south were pivotal in making the film.

  • To the layman, Norma the Dunedin Town Hall organ looks like the control panel of a nuclear power plant.

    And for visiting concert organist Daniel Moult, Norma is as complicated as she looks - even for someone of his experience.


  • The champion Southern Steel netball team have returned home to a rapturous welcome in Invercargill.

    Hundreds turned out to greet the team after their nail-biting win against the Central Pulse in the ANZ Premiership grand final.

  • Two Southland businesses have collaborated to form a unique flavoured beer, in a first for the region.

    United Brewing and the Seriously Good Chocolate Company have combined their efforts to create the Seriously Good Chocolate Stout, launched in Invercargill last night.

  • Over two thousand Southland pupils are being given the opportunity to discover their future career at this week’s CareerFest Southland, being held in Invercargill.

    Around seventy exhibitors from a diverse range of industries are participating in this year’s careerfest, making it the biggest event to date.

  • The director of the company developing a Kmart complex in Invercargill says the build will be a complete new offering for the city.

    Windermere Holdings Limited director Paul Smith says Kmart will be accompanied by eight national brand stores, offering new services to the city.

  • A room in Invercargill’s Civic Theatre looks set to be rebranded after a submission to the Invercargill City Council on Tuesday.

    Invercargill dancer Sophie Ineson told councillors the theatre’s rehearsal room should be named to remember Southland’s most renowned dancer.

  • A Southland family today remembered Victoria Cross recipient Richard Travis, on the centenary of his death.

    The family, who were relations of Travis fiance Lettie Murray, were given the chance to view his medals in Invercargill, and remember the fallen hero.