Sponsorship is a way to be seen to be active in your local community.

Channel 39's partnership with other local organisations helps to ensure the widest possible range of local programmes. Sponsorship is a way to be seen to be active in your local community,it is the material support of an event,it is a great way of increasing brand awareness and to foster brand loyalty ... And it's good for business

The Southern Region has been incredibly active over recent times in bringing sponsored programmes to air for the stations viewing audience
Here are some programmes brought to air thanks to our sponsors:

  • Sophie Elliot a behind the scenes look at the " Love Me Not" educational programme.
  • Special Rigs For Special Kids
  • Cancer Society - Relay For Life
  • Built To Last - an in depth look at Dunedin's historical buildings
  • Women's Refuge
  • Spotlight On South Dunedin
  • Midnight Express
  • Splash Out ( Save Our Physio Pool )
  • Dunedin's Fallen 100 Years Of War
  • Loud Shirt Day ( Deaf Awareness )
  • Dunedin Night Shelter
  • Playing it Safe - safety in sport

All these programme would not have been aired with out the support of SPONSORS

Sponsorships available from time to time include:

The South Today News Update 5 nights a week from 12 months per year 100% local

Sponsorship available with the bulletin comprise

  1. Name Association
  2. Weather Sponsorship
  3. Community Noticeboard
  4. Sports Draws & Results ( Monday & Friday )

Southern Newsweek a weekly news wrap from the region

The station also covers sponsor driven sports programming:

  • Off The Bar - spotlighting Junior Football in Dunedin same day broadcast of a full game.
  • Rub Of The Green - Saturday Morning Bowls coverage.

For more information contact the stations Sales Manager:
03-479-3590 or electronically via our contact page.