Like To Make a TV Show?

Some clients like to produce a show to Archive an important event, provide a record for participants or showcase their activities to the wider local community.

In some cases, the full cost of production can be recovered by selling DVD copies to members,participants, or interested parties.
The Channel 39 professional production team can tailor a programme to your exact requirements.

Some of the factors to consider at the start of the project will be

  1. Intended audience ?
  2. Source of funding ?
  3. What copyrights or licenses will need to be obtained ?
  4. Is it a live show or pre-recorded ?
  5. Is there likely to be strong community interest ?

Some examples of material that have been produced for outside parties

  • Southern Showdown
  • Council Matters
  • Girls Talk
  • ID Fashion Week
  • Gang Show

For more information contact the stations Sales Manager:
03-479-3590 or electronically via our contact page.