Those with long memories will remember that Channel 39 started life as Channel 9 which was a tourism channel launched in 1995, running film of local attractions 24 hours a day.

Although the station became a full service local broadcaster in 1997, it still retains a regular tourism slot as one of its services.

Southern Attractions LogoRunning daily from 7.39am to 10am, 3-4pm, and from 6pm-7pm weeks and at various times over the weekends, Southern Attractions aims to provide information and enticement to visitors about Dunedin attractions by profiling them.

The show’s airing times are designed to catch tourists before they leave their accommodation in the morning, and when they return prior to dinner and might be planning their activities the following day.

All Dunedin residents know about the amazing scenery surrounding their city, and the many fantastic attractions for tourists and visitors.

Southern Attractions provides a glimpse of the many highlights of the city for those from out of town.

Channel 39 is a member of Dunedin Host, an organisation of local tourism operators and is committed to showcasing the best the region has to offer.

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