Channel 39 gets results for local organisations/ businesses wishing to get their message across simply because it is local television something no- one else in Dunedin or Invercargill can offer.

Both radio and newspapers are morning media. At night, television is king.Television is also a very popular medium. It's illegal to place liquor ads on television before 8.30 pm at night, but you can place them in the paper or on the radio any time you like.
That's an acknowledgement of the huge ability television has to influence opinion- greater than any other mass media market

Television is a convenient and flexible advertising medium, owing to its widespread popularity and the ease with which a message can reach. It is why local government agencies along with public health providers use it as a medium of choice

Everything people see on The South Today News Update, local sport such as " Oakley,s Off The Bar " - Healthy Homes and other locally made shows, they know it's just a short drive away. There's an immediacy and intimacy that develops between viewers and the station.

Virtually every home in Dunedin and Invercargill has a TV and unlike print publications, viewers can watch local television for free. A small business advertising on local television can reach the masses every time an advertisement plays, print advertising reaches only those consumers who buy the newspaper, which often excludes consumers seeking to limit house hold costs.

Channel 39 has an unique audience. It draws from all areas of the Southern Region, all age groups and all socio - economic groups.

One of the big advantages of Channel 39 for potential advertisers is that they know when people are watching . The station knows for example that The South Today News Update draws over 35000 people to a single half hour 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm Now that is targeting, advertisers are aware that the news is repeated a further two times in one nights viewing at 7.30 pm and 9.30pm 35000 that's more than some radio stations can achieve in one week. It's that ability to target audience numbers with precision that leads to successful outcomes.