Whilst Channel 39 aims to be a local station, it also wants to provide viewers with a wide range of other programming, most of which is unable to be seen elsewhere on mainstream channels.

Using its affiliation with other regional stations in New Zealand and Australia, it shows a number of national and international programmes from other regions during its primetime schedule.

Among these are Low Gear, a popular motoring programme which features vintage and classic trucks as well as looking at the history of New Zealand transport, and its Australian car counterpart, Classic Restos.

For history enthusiasts, we step back in time with documentary series such as A-Z of Motorsports, Flying through Time, New Zealand Railscene and award-winning Victory at Sea, about naval combat during World War Two.

The station also carries popular Australian content like Craft Beer Crusaders, Antiques with Attitude, Blokes World and short film anthology, Dark Carnival.

Craft Beer Crusaders
Flying Through Time
Dark Carnival
Low Gear
Victory at Sea