39 Dunedin News39 Dunedin News is all the Dunedin Area. The 39 Dunedin News team covers local people, local issues and puts a local spin on national news.

Parochial and proud of it, the programme is the only half-hour, live, local television news in the country, and as such, is the anchor of Channel 39.

Rebecca and Dunedin Mayor Dave CullThe news goes out live at 5.30pm, prior to the network news, and is repeated at 7pm and 9:30pm to offer a choice for viewers.

39 Dunedin News stays differentiated from other southern media in that it concentrates on television journalism and focuses on Dunedin City, the people and events in those areas. The programme tells its stories in pictures, which gives it another focus when compared to other local media outfits.

“We put Dunedin people on air.” That means more positive stories about people rather than politics. “People who are on the news are often surprised at how many people watch it . . . by the number of people who come up to them in the days afterwards to say they have seen them.”

39 Dunedin News Studio

The 39 Dunedin News news team is relatively small, comprising of two reporters led by a Chief reporter, a dedicated camera operator and studio crew working under the direction of the news director and producer.

This year the team plans the same level of service to the Dunedin community – quality stories covering local and national events and many more local people seeing themselves on television.

Local people tune to local news weeknights:
New Zealand on air

  • Monday to Friday 5.30pm (live)
  • Monday to Friday 7.00pm (repeat)
  • Monday to Friday 9.30pm (repeat)

In addition to terrestrial broadcast, this programme is also available as a webcast at 8pm each weeknight.

This programme is made with the assistance of New Zealand On Air.