The stations sales team prides itself on doing a professional needs analysis for each business it comes in contact with, we have over 25 years of experience media and can tailor a advertising or sponsorship solution for you.

We are local people who hold the same principals and policies of its owners Local- Local - Local that means local advertising solutions targeting the local market for local business.

Matt Anderson leads the sales team and understands the importance of building business relationships.He listens and responds to his clients needs, he appreciates the value of a loyal customer and knows how to keep customers coming back.

One of the strengths of Channel 39 has always been its loyal advertises who recognise the value of using a local station to attract business.

A wide variety of advertising solutions are available, a television commercial delivers a message quickly. On average, a television commercial spot runs 30 seconds, though 15 second and 60 second options are also available. In the space of 30 seconds an effective television spot delivers a brand image, informational content,emotional content and action content.

There are sponsorship possibilities allowing name association with the stations programming. An example of that was a recent documentary promoting a event raising funds for a community group.A local heating company came on board with naming rights to the show - a cost effective method of promoting his name and brand

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