Local Body 2022 - Meet the Mayors Dunedin - Show A

Features the candidates: Bill Acklin, Sophie Barker, Mandy Mayhem-Bullock, Jules Radich and Lee Vandervis.


Local Body 2022 - Meet the Mayors Dunedin - Show B

Features the candidates: Jett Groshinski, Aaron Hawkins, Carmen Houlahan, David Milne, Richard Seager and Pamela Taylor.


Channel 39 - Southern Television gives voters the chance to meet the 11 candidates standing for Mayor of Dunedin in the upcoming local body elections, in 'Meet the Mayors - Dunedin 2022'.

There are two episodes of 1 hour duration each, hosted by experienced broadcaster Dave Goosselink and co-hosted by The South Today presenter Hannah Wilkins, who's been hitting the streets asking the public about some of the issues facing Dunedin city.