Sunday, 18th April 2021

Southern Attractions

Show highlighting local tourism activities.

EWTN Bookmark

Each week, host Doug Keck and a special guest review and discuss a new religious book.

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is a Roman Catholic devotion based on the visions of Jesus reported by Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), known as the Apostle of Mercy.

Papal Audience

Host - Pope Benedict XVI, The Holy Fathers weekly Wednesday audience.

Daily Mass

OLAM daily mass.

Joy of Music

Each episode brings you different religious music from around the world.


Each week, Vaticano presents the latest news from the Vatican with excerpts and analysis of the Popes recent audiences and writings, newsmaker interviews, highlights of recent events, and feature segments a all from the heart of the Universal Church.

Old Enemies

Two hunters reign supreme in Papua New Guinea - crocodiles and humans. They live side by side in the vast swamplands of the Sepik river,linked by tens of thousands of years of mutual fear and respect.

Good News Mission

Gospel of John

My God

My God is a 10-episode series exploring and celebrating New Zealand's rich spiritual diversity.During each half-hour programme presenter, Chris Nichol speaks with a different guest about their personal spirituality and how it helps shape their everyday

In Focus

In Focus presents documentaries and feature reports from Germany and all over the world, with comprehensively researched backgrounds, exciting stories from business, science, culture, nature, current events, lifestyle and sports.

The Hamilton Live

Through the door and down the stairs, The Hamilton Live brings the audience along to a state-of-the-art music club, hidden just blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C. Join us for intimate performances with musicians from every genre

Red Crabs Crazy Ants

Two enemy armies are locked in a life and death struggle for Christmas Island, during their spectacular annual migration millions of red crabs are under attack from yellow ants.

Sex Greed and the Bowerbird

Learn about the Bowerbird, the Australian bird at the centre of the evolution of male display traits.

Southern Attractions

Show highlighting local tourism activities.


Born far out in the Tasman Sea, the Norwester assaults New Zealand with torrential rain, snow and hail, and searing heat. In the path of the onslaught, nothing is spared.

Southern Harbour

Sandflats and foreshores are familiar to everyone, but they hide a harbor's secrets. We take a close look at life above and below the waters of New Zealand's Otago Harbor, and discover that while harbor animals may be more tolerant to change and human invasion than most, even they have limits.

Southern Newsweek

A round up of the week's news presented by Rebecca Depree.

Southern Attractions

Show highlighting local tourism activities.

The Last Tour: Inner City Heritage Stories

A documentary on Invercargill's early buildings. A farewell tour of historic buildings in Central Invercargill before demolition for redevelopment.

The Mangroves

A mangrove estuary... swamps of greasy sucking mud, or place of abundant life and hidden beauty? A mangrove estuary in northern New Zealand is explored, revealing it as a fascinating location full of life.

New Zealand Railscene

This series covers recent activities of rail operation in New Zealand including KiwiRail, Tranz Scenic passenger, heritage steam and diesel-electric hauled mainline excursions, locomotive restoration projects, archive footage, operational railway museums.

Bride of the Gorilla

The owner of a jungle plantation marries a beautiful woman. Shortly afterward, he is plagued by a strange voodoo curse which transforms him into a gorilla. Starring Barbara Payton and Lon Chaney Jr.

Journeys In Time

Journeys in Time hears from the archaeologists, the anthropologists and the historians who have extended the boundaries of what we know about our own past and our planetas history.

Focus on Europe

What drives people in Europe a politically, socially and culturally? How do Europeans lead their lives? What are their hopes and fears? Focus on Europe a Spotlight on People provides the answers.