Channel 39’s team of advertising professionals can tailor a campaign to your exact business requirements. Once the details of your product or service, intended audience and unique selling proposition have been identified, the team will put together the two important ingredients of a successful campaign – the commercial and the broadcast schedule.

Reach x Frequency + Superb Targeting

Channel 39’s offering is a unique blend of the above ingredients.

Channel 39 reaches over 40% of Dunedin people during the course of a week with a mainstream transmission system.

Channel 39 rates are set at an affordable level to encourage community participation, giving businesses the affordability to easily achieve a high penetration of your message into the local market.

The Channel 39 audience is easy to target. You buy directly into the shows that people are watching – no need to wonder if your message is striking the intended target!

As one example, around 35,000 people watch 39 Local news during the course of a typical week. We put your commercial directly into their living rooms!

For more information contact the stations Sales Manager:
03-479-3590 or electronically via our contact page.