Monday 29th May, 2017

Southland students got the chance to be entrepreneurs last week, vying for a cash prize of over one thousand dollars.

Monday 29th May, 2017

Social media was a-wash with images of the Aurora Australis last night as many people in the south pointed phones and cameras at the heavens.

However star gazing was not always as easy to do, in the 18th century it was the domain of astronomers and nautical navigators.

Friday 26th May, 2017

Invercargill high school students and police officers took to the streets to spread the anti-bullying message

Today is International Pink Shirt Day - a day to stand together to raise awareness for the fight against bullying

Friday 26th May, 2017

The historic launch of a space rocket from the Mahia Peninsula near Gisborne yesterday at 4.20pm is a success the South has some claim on.

The man behind the launch, Peter Beck, was born and raised in Invercargill and began dabbling with rockets at the former Fisher and Paykel plant near Mosgiel.

Thursday 25th May, 2017

The Invercargill Fire Service were called out to the Unichem Waikiwi Pharmacy on North Road this morning to contain a mercury spillage.

Thursday 25th May, 2017

Invercargill City Councillor Rebecca Amundsen is now officially the city's new deputy mayor.

Mayor Tim Shadbolt announced Councillor Amundsen as his nominee at the Invercargill City Council's meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

The council quickly accepted the proposal, passing it almost unanimously.

Councillor Lindsay Abbott was the only councillor to openly question the decision, asking if it could be discussed, then abstaining from the process.

Thursday 25th May, 2017

Tourism Minister Paula Bennett admitted in Queenstown on Wednesday the Government is playing ''catch-up'' over infrastructure to cope with the tourist influx.

And after a meeting with Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult on Wednesday afternoon, Bennett told the media she is expecting another million tourists by 2022.

Tuesday 23rd May, 2017

Tipping - sometimes we do it, most times we don't.

But now Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has gone on record as saying we should.

Should tipping be made mandatory? The South Today took that question out onto the streets of Queenstown.

Monday 22nd May, 2017

Paul Dee was killed on 28 April 2017 in an ATV side by side buggy roll-over, a stone’s throw from his Waihao Downs home, near Waimate.

Monday 22nd May, 2017

Key findings of a just-released report from Otago Fish & Game, suggests South Otago streams still face major problems from sediment run-off caused by winter cropping practices.

Otago Fish & Game officials say sediment pollution damaged fish and other aquatic life have been a growing concern for a decade.

A major source of in-stream sediment is winter cropping practices such as strip grazing of stock with insufficient riparian buffers or on land that is too steep.

Fish & Game want the Otago Regional Council to ramp up its monitoring and compliance work.