Thursday 01st September, 2016
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And this is where we begin our 2016 local body election coverage.

We're going to kick things off by talking to University of Otago Associate Professor Janine Hayward, who is head of the Department of Politics.

Friday 26th February, 2016
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Candidates are starting to emerge for this year's local body elections, being held in October.

Mayor Dave Cull has announced he'll stand for another term, which would be his third.

But he's moving away from the group that helped him gain power previously.

Monday 10th November, 2014

An independent review team has been appointed to look at how Dunedin City Councillors are elected.

The council is required by law to have its representation processes reviewed.

The review team will consider whether councillors should be elected within wards, or at large, or a combination of both.

And it will look at the role and responsibility of community boards within the district.

Members of the team include Associate Professor Janine Hayward, from the University of Otago's politics department.

Tuesday 29th October, 2013
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Mayor and councillors take oaths of office

All the pomp and circumstance of political theatre came to the Dunedin City Council this afternoon, as the mayor and councillors took their solemn oaths of office.

Gowns, chains, hats and gloves all came to the fore as the man back in charge of the city took accessories to a new level.

And Mayor Dave Cull heard all those accessories are laden with meaning.

Tuesday 29th October, 2013
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ORCs inaugural meeting introduced a few new faces

The Otago Regional Council held its inaugural meeting today, with a couple of new faces in attendance.

The door was open for two new councillors, after the departure of one long-serving councillor, and the formation of a new seat.

Members were sworn in at the meeting and also had the chance to vote for the next chairperson to lead them through till 2016.

Wednesday 23rd October, 2013
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Nightly interview: Andrew Whiley

Chisholm Park golf professional Andrew Whiley may well know his way around the links, but as one of Dunedin's newest councillors he is going to have to learn an entirely new game.

Mr Whiley was elected to council in the Central Ward.

Wednesday 23rd October, 2013
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Your word on internet voting

Record low voting numbers were recorded last week, with just over 40% of Dunedin voters submitting their ballot papers.

The numbers reflected a national trend, and have prompted discussion over new ideas to get voter numbers up.

One popular suggestion is introducing internet voting, to attract younger voters and make the process more accessible to all.

And so the 39 Dunedin News Word on the Street team took to the streets to get your thoughts on the idea.

Tuesday 22nd October, 2013
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Nightly interview: Mike Lord

The former president of the Otago Province of Federated Farmers is a new face at the DCC, bringing a rural perspective to the council table.

Mike Lord is part of Mayor Dave Cull's Greater Dunedin grouping, and won his place thanks to voters in the Mosgiel Taieri ward.

Monday 21st October, 2013
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Nightly interview: Doug Hall

Dunedin businessman Doug Hall has called for growth, and open and honest representation from the Dunedin City Council.

He won a seat at the recent elections, and now has the opportunity to try to make that happen.

Friday 18th October, 2013
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Nightly interview: David Benson-Pope

One of the seven new faces on the Dunedin City Council is not new to the role, nor the cut and thrust of political life.

David Benson-Pope was a councillor in the 1980s and 90s, before moving to the national stage as a Labour MP.