Wednesday 14th November, 2018

A pair of overalls could have contributed to the helicopter triple fatality in Wanaka last month.

Investigators remain tight-lipped about the October crash which killed pilot Nick Wallis, along with DoC rangers Paul Hondelink and Scott Theobald.

But the New Zealand Herald understands they are following strong leads over a possible contributing cause.

It's believed the occupants of a trailing helicopter, on the same tahr cull operation, saw clothing being sucked out of the machine and wrapping around the tail rotor.

Friday 09th November, 2018

Lake Hawea's Armistice Day celebrations on Sunday will include a very special guest.

The National Transport and Toy Museum, have been busy this week making sure their hundred-year-old ambulance is ready to take part in the parade.

While there were more than one and half thousand Rover Sunbeam ambulances built, this is the only one known to still exist.

Wednesday 07th November, 2018

The main entrance to Wanaka could be in for a dramatic change if a proposed development is approved.

Directors of Mount Iron Junction Limited have applied to the Queenstown Lakes District Council for resource consent for the multi-million dollar development.

Monday 05th November, 2018

A fire that engulfed about five hectares of pine forest southwest of Lake Hawea on Friday was finally declared out and all-safe late yesterday morning.

Four Fire and Emergency New Zealand crews spent the weekend containing spot fires and monitoring the forest on the slopes of Mount Maude, near Wanaka.

The massive blaze is believed to have started by the roadside near Capell Avenue, the turn-off into Lake Hawea near State Highway 6.

An investigation into the cause is ongoing, but a Fenz spokesman says the fire is believed to have been started by fireworks.

Wednesday 31st October, 2018

Attempts by rescuers to carry out CPR on the two Central Otago based guides killed in an avalanche this morning, were unsuccessful.

Fresh details have emerged of the dramatic mountain rescue on Mount Hicks, near Aoraki/Mt Cook, after an avalanche engulfed three climbers.

The two guides were killed, but Jo Morgan, the wife of Gareth Morgan, miraculously survived after setting off her personal locator beacon, then reportedly dug her way out.

Area Commander Inspector Dave Gaskin spoke to media late this afternoon.

Monday 29th October, 2018

Two funerals in Wanaka at the weekend highlight what the country's conservation effort has lost, in addition to the loss suffered by each individual family.

Alpine Helicopters director and pilot Nick Wallis was the first to be given a send-off, at the company's hangar at Wanaka Airport on Saturday.

And yesterday, Department of Conservation senior ranger Paul Hondelink's funeral was at the same venue.

Friday 26th October, 2018

Alpine Helicopters have shared a moving video tribute to Wanaka pilot Nick Wallis ahead of his funeral tomorrow.

Nick was the director and general manager of Alpine Helicopters and the youngest son of Sir Tim Wallis.

He was killed alongside DOC workers Paul Hondelink and Scott Theobold in a helicopter crash in Wanaka last Thursday.

The crash came less than three months after Nick's brother and fellow pilot, Matthew, was killed in a helicopter crash in July.

Wednesday 24th October, 2018

A funeral for Nick Wallis, the pilot who was killed in a helicopter crash in Wanaka last Thursday is set to be held at Wanaka Airport on Saturday.

Nick Wallis was killed alongside Department of Conservation workers Paul Hondelink and Scott Theobold in the crash.

It happened moments after the helicopter took off from the airport.

The remains of the men were taken to Christchurch for postmortems on Friday.

Dates for funerals for the other two men haven't been confirmed.

Tuesday 23rd October, 2018

It’s not the ironing, and it’s not the jet-boat driving - it's usually the public speaking which causes competitors in The Perfect Woman the most angst.

This year's no exception as competitors line up under sunny Wanaka skies for the annual competition.

Tuesday 23rd October, 2018

The annual cardboard boat race in Wanaka has once again proved to be a real hit with the town's youngsters...

The boat race is a popular annual fixture organised by Kahu Youth.

This year it attracted dozens of entries and a crowd of several hundred to Lake Wanaka.

Last year’s winners of the Titanic Award were back for another go in The Unicorn Cruise Boat...

Three of the crew, aged nine and ten, made the craft with no adult help.

They fared better than some of their competitors who ended up swimming instead of sailing to the finish line...