Tuesday 21st May, 2019

Redundancy is not usually regarded as a good thing, but it is when you are talking about a 5km electricity cable running up the side of Mount Roy, above Wanaka.

The proposed cable has been put out to pasture in favour of new equipment installed at the top of the mountain.

Thursday 09th May, 2019

A film about Bullock Creek aims to show Wanaka residents how the spring-fed creek is an asset to the town.

Film-maker Sam Smoothy says the film will show the journey of the creek from its origin to Lake Wanaka.

Tuesday 30th April, 2019

Direct jet flights between Wanaka Airport and other New Zealand centres could be a reality by 2025.

The Queenstown Airport Corporation released a suggestion on Monday, for a dual Queenstown-Wanaka Airport arrangement.

However, an urban designer is saying it would be better to scrap both airports and build a new one on cheaper land elsewhere in Central Otago.

Wednesday 24th April, 2019

Local environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes has made its mark in Wanaka today.

The group used a popular natural landmark in an effort to spread its message around the globe.

Tuesday 23rd April, 2019

Dark clouds, persistent rain, and a false start, didn't slow the pace of athletes competing in the inaugural 'Lap of Lake Hayes' Race, near Queenstown over the long weekend.

Around 40 runners took part in the 8km loop, where winners smashed officials' predictions of how long it would take them to finish the undulating country course.

Thursday 18th April, 2019

For two days over Easter, Wanaka will be at the centre of the wheel world.

Well over 1000 vehicles, and who knows how many actual wheels, will assemble on a piece of land beneath Mount Iron for Wheels at Wanaka.

Tuesday 16th April, 2019

Finishing a 160km long bike ride is respectable enough.

Doing it on a mountain bike, where one stretch of the course has marker posts, rather than a track, is entirely another matter.

But for two Dunedin riders, the hard work and perseverance paid off.

Friday 05th April, 2019

Dozens gathered at the Wanaka lakefront yesterday to examine and learn about electric cars and the attraction of owning one.

Electric vehicle owners taking part in the Great EV Road Trip stopped off in town yesterday afternoon to inform locals about what the vehicles had to offer.

Tuesday 26th March, 2019

A Hungarian chef is putting a unique twist on the meaning of fast food.

Monday 18th March, 2019

The hum of conversation and laughter of children took over central Wanaka during the weekend as the town began to get used to a car-free trial.

But the experimental ban of cars from the CBD isn't without its detractors, which includes shop owners who say business is down as a result of the trial.