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COW TV – an innocuous name for a television programme that has become legendary in New Zealand television circles ... Originally known as "Campus Otago Weekly" (COW), since it's inception in 1998, Cow TV has continuted to push the boundaries with it's raucous and outrageous content.

Made by students, for students and now in its 11th season, Cow TV remains a popular part of Dunedin student life. Dispite being a student programme it draws a diverse range of viewers from all walks of life.

Cow Crew 1Cow TV has many core items which make it entertaining. These core items include the "Cow TV News", "Jackie Live", and of course the infamous "Walk Of Shame" .... a segment so famous that its been covered at by national broadcasters, and so famous that it still attracts publicity.

And why the interest? Mostly because this one small segment probably horrifies some moral censors.

The brainchild of a former New Zealand Broadcasting School student, now a presenter on music station C4, Clarke Gayford, The Walk of Shame tracks down hung-over, sleepy tertiary students making their way home from someone else’s bed after a hard night out.

Not thinking too clearly in startlingly clear light of day, the students are easy targets for searching questions.

Hilarious and spontaneous television, COW took off in its early days and has become compulsory watching and part of the culture for a surprisingly wide range of Dunedin residents.

Cow TV also features music interviews, challenges and subsequent prizes, phone-in competitions and much more. A wide range of studio guests also form part of the programme, once again displaying COW TV’s remarkable national reputation in its ability to attract big names to the show.
For more student antics visit the Cow TV website.

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