Friday, December 21, 2018

The hordes of red-billed gulls flocking to Countdown Oamaru's rooftop are slowly reducing, thanks to a concerted effort to deter the birds from setting up home on the popular nesting spot.

The number of gulls peaked at an estimated 900 a night during October... now only 600 gulls and 90 nests remain...

Woolworths New Zealand staff, in consultation with DoC and contractors, have been cleaning the roof three times a week...

They've also installed lasers, sonic deterrents and are installing spikes to discourage the birds from landing on the roof, as the breeding season comes to an end.

When it does, wires will be strung across the roof to stop the birds from re-establishing nests on the building again in the spring.

The gulls are protected under the Wildlife Act.

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