Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Saint John is defending its decision of not using a rescue helicopter to help a German tourist, as she clung to a windswept ledge high above the sea near Dunedin.

DoC is installing new signs and fencing in the wake of last week's rescue at Tunnel Beach.

It's also urging people not to walk on to the headland at the increasingly popular tourist hotspot.

Last Thursday, Johanna Langner slipped on wet grass, fell down a rock face, broke her leg, and stopped her slide just in time to prevent a potentially fatal fall to the ocean.

The twenty five year-old Bavarian was comforted and received emergency first aid on the ledge, before being rescued by firefighters using ropes and a Stokes basket.

It's understood Saint John staff on the ground pleaded for an Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter to be deployed, but their requests were refused by the Saint John air desk in Auckland.

The dispatch service was centralised last year as part of a two-year trial.

In an emailed statement, coastal Otago territory manager Doug Third said based on information provided from the scene, it was determined a helicopter was not the right response for the conditions.

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